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Blood and urinary nickel from urban pollution and blood pressure

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doi: 10.11138/PER/2014.3.1.001
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Background: outdoor workers are daily exposed to chemical agents including nickel.
Objectives: the aim of the study is to evaluate the relationship between nickel and blood pressure in outdoor workers.
Methods: a total of 349 subjects of both sexes were enrolled in the study. We evaluated the dose of blood and urinary nickel. Blood pressure in supine and standing positions was measured in all subjects.
Statistical analysis (Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple linear regression analysis and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) was performed using the software SPSS® Advanced StatisticalTM 10.0 (SPSS Science, Chicago, IL).
Results: serum and urinary nickel don’t show any probative correlation with blood pressure.
Conclusions: the overall results of our study cannot prove that the exposure to nickel has a real effect on blood pressure, however some partial results lead to carry on further research.

Vol. 7 (No. 3) 2018 July - September

  1. Asbestos
    Di Marzio A., Tomei F., Tomei G., Pimpinella B., Casale T., Ricci L., Nardone N., Sancini A., Anzelmo V., Sacco C., Massoni F., Ricci S.
    doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.3.38
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  1. Blood and urinary nickel from urban pollution and blood pressure
    De Sio S., Sinibaldi F., Suppi A., Marrocco M., Cappelli L., Giubilati R., Bonomi S., Massimi R., Di Marzio A., Andreozzi G., Rosati M.V., Pimpinella B., Tomei F., Sancini A.
    doi: 10.11138/PER/2014.3.1.001