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An interesting case of “simulation-based learning” applied to health organization

Letter to the Editor, 29 - 30
doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.2.029
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Simulation is a technique for practice and learning that can be applied to many different disciplines and types of trainees: we decided to use it in order to improve the management of emergencies and maxiemergencies in Careggi Teaching Hospital (Florence, Italy). From 2014 we organized each month a Security Day, with simulations about an emergency plan or procedure. 30 Security Days have been organized with a consequent growing knowledge of plans and procedures. From the beginning of 2017, 42 informative meetings were organized and attended by about 600 professionals. 10 simulations of “interruption of power supply” were also organized: the status of emergency lamps, equipment, batteries were tested. The monthly checks carried out on the telephone numbers (of the health and technical operation centers) have shown a progressive reduction of the criticalities. Finally, the participation in the periodic meetings of the Maxi-emergencies Regional
Coordination allowed a comparison with the other structures creating interesting work ideas also in order to uniform the attitudes within the Tuscany
Region. Simulation-based learning represents a valid tool to improve the Hospital Organization: it is an useful tool to develop health professionals’ skills and knowledge, whilst protecting patients from unnecessary risks.

Vol. 7 (No. 3) 2018 July - September

  1. Asbestos
    Di Marzio A., Tomei F., Tomei G., Pimpinella B., Casale T., Ricci L., Nardone N., Sancini A., Anzelmo V., Sacco C., Massoni F., Ricci S.
    doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.3.38
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  1. An interesting case of “simulation-based learning” applied to health organization
    Piccinno G., Troiano G., Nante N., Autieri F., Nicolini F., Lavazza L.
    doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.2.029