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Prevention and Research

Woman and work

Monography, 1 - 16
doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.1.001
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The increase in female employment is associated with a greater presence of women, especially in certain categories of work. There is a greater exposure to the specific risks for woman of the examined sector, considered even more dangerous in certain situations such as pregnancy and lactation.
It is documented by a rich scientific literature the existence of a close correlation between infertility, abortions, malformations, prematurity and work exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents.
The Legislator establishes specific preventive rules aimed to promote family and to protect the health and well-being of working mothers.

Vol. 8 (No. 1) 2019 January - March

  1. Requirements of the authorized examinator physician (AME) for class II: interpretative doubts and suggestions
    De Marco F., Di Marzio A., Tomei F., Ricci S., Marchione S., Ricci P., Massoni F., Sacco C., De Cesare D., Monti C.
  2. Pathogenesis of cataract in professional workers exposed to solar radiation in marine environment: clinical-statistical evaluation
    Salducci M.
  3. Long-acting (LA) neuroleptics in comparision. A naturalistic and retrospective study on 109 patients of a Mental Health Center
    Sbardella A.
  4. Comparison between monitoring procedures in case of radiological/nuclear emergency in civil and military area
    De Marco F., Di Marzio A., Tomei F., Ricci S., Ricci L., Marchione S., Massoni F., Sacco C., De Cesare D., Monti C.
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  1. Woman and work
    Di Marzio A., Di Pastena C., Sinibaldi F., Tomei F., Sacco C., Tomei G., Massimi R., Pimpinella B., Casale T., Giubilati R., Nardone N., Marchione S., Ricci P., Ricci L., Ricci S.
    doi: 10.11138/PER/2018.7.1.001